15 June 2016


A thought - JSD
Don't want to poke my nose in this affair though but one history to tell the people of Bangladesh ;
Jasod - came to me and us in Aided School - sylhet few months down the line from 16th December in mid 72 they came to us and started to brainwash.
They have literally polluted (if not others) my brain with anti awami league and anti BB SK Mujibor Rahman rhetorics. These people later formed an armed cadre which made thousands of youngsters dead and all they wanted to was to topple the BB SK. Mujibur Rahman's Govt.
Syed Ashraf is not wrong in saying what he feels ;
And on 7th November Their role to instigate the sepoys to take up arms against their officers is the worst kind of crime that anyone in Bangladesh has ever committed. They killed a valiant freedom fighter like Khaled Musharraf and Haider & many more innocent lives ( even Major Osman's wife was not spared )
Truth must be told and we owe this to our future generations to keep a true chronological unbiased history of our country.
Jasod is not the most innocent of an angel.

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