2 September 2015


I guess my brother could have been one of these freedom fighters ; he was caught by Pakistan Army with another 9 of them on a boat near  a Village called BITTGHOR in NABINAGOR THANA  in B.BARIA District on the 6/7th November 1971 and Was taken to B.Baria ( the then 14th Division HQ ) and kept and tortured in B.Baria jail and was finally killed by a firing squad on the banks of ANDERSON CANAL in B.Baria near the stadium on the 21st Novemeber 1971 ( the Day BDF  - BANGLADESH FORCES was officially Raised ) at around 17:30 hours and His body along with 5 others were littered around the bank of the slopes of the canal which was just yards away from the command post bunkers of the 14 th division and there the body and the  carcasses of  those slain and fallen FREDDOM FIGHTERS along with BABUL CHOWDHURY one day decomposed and perished  with the soil and the grains and the waters of the country that he so lovingly wanted to liberate from the occupying Heinous - barbaric - neo Nazi Pakistan army and their collaborators; He was only 17.5 months old.... only 19 days before the fall of B. Baria .......sad ....
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