12 March 2017

An Obituary to Long lost friend Ariful Haque Roni

An Obituary 


My Friend Ariful Haque Roni 

Date line 1971- Oct to Dec 16
Agartala : refugee camp Surzomoninagar special camp 
SK moni (along with Aziz kaka)one day came to our camp and assigned 4-5 of us to go out everyday and start distributing two Bengali news papers ( Banglar bani and Joy BANGLA ) 
Order is an Order : 
Only 3 - 4 of us continued RONI (arif) - Anis - Samar da and I 
Samar da left us a few years ago 
Today got the news my dearest friend ARIF RONI younger brother of Anisul Haq ; the law minister left us also today 
What a untimely loss of a great life 
RONI was such a laugh
Shamim bhai (btv English new anchor ) - Farhad bhai and NAFIZ bhai ( BTV English news anchor) and us we all lived 7 months of our most precarious time in the same refugee camp
We had so much of fun ; those days we had no age barrier every JOY BANGLA refugee was like friends - relative - close to heart 
Good bye my dear friend RONI 
I miss your jokes- your wicked sense of humour and your caricatures and copying everyone and walking in Agartala giving away those free news papers to hundreds of Muktis and going to GB HOSPITAL - Akhaura road - joy BANGLA office and youth camp in hapaniya and amtoli and other refugee camps.
rest in peace my dear friend.
We both were then 11-12 years old.... what a glorious time we dedicated together for the freedom.
You are not forgotten
Yours ever Munna

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