4 March 2017

25th March 1971 ; A beginning of a Genocide and a Holocaust in Bangladesh

25th March 1971 ; A beginning of a Genocide  and a Holocaust in  Bangladesh 

The bloods on the terraces, avenues, lanes, courtyards and the streets of East Pakistan started to pour blood profusely on the fateful night of the 25th March 1971 when the sudden burst fires of the machine gun, canons, tanks and rifles broke the  silence  of the night for the Bengalis. A tremendous shock, a fear of dying, the overwhelming sounds of the guns, continuous volleys of cannons and artilleries,  the machine guns and rifles started to make the most vivid of all noises the Bengalis have ever heard. The awakened  up inhabitants of sleepy provincial capital city Dhaka and its sun urban areas sprung out of bed with fear, anger, scared - the never ending cries and barking of the stray dogs just blanketed the population on that night. 

Indiscriminate killing rampage went on for all night, the loud speakers were announcing the proclamation of curfew and standing the city dwellers in   their houses and the killing of selective targets went for the rest of the night. The advancing Pakistan Army Juntas went inside the Dhaka University, Students Halls of studies, Medical College, The Border Security Forces Head quarters, The Police Barracks and the captured all the key point installations of the capital city. 

A killing spree started by them they killed scores of students in the university halls of studies, The Police barracks were over run and the make all the police disarmed and killed them in a open firing squads and the East Pakistan Rifles ( the border security forces) Head quarters were surrounded and unarmed them and butchered them lot of them like animals and left those carcasses and dead corpses to rot in the green grasses of Bengal with the red bloods of its own people. 

The homeless people sleeping the platforms of the railway stations, bus terminals and steamer pontoons  …………

[ to be continued ]

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