9 February 2017


BDR incident - February 25 2009 

My tribute to my friend Colonel Nafiz U Ahmed psc

Nafiz my dear friend  I miss u dearly - it has been such a long time that we did not have that hours of laugh with u over the fone; UN mission - london- pgr days and bogra days and last was when you were buying chotto mach ar lal shak from Shatkania - or Potia bazzar in February 2009.
I guess for us all here the life goes on but your untimely sudden departure has left a massive void in my life.
7th August 1981 to 25th February 2009 a lifetime we knew each other.
Hope you are still relishing with your mouthwatering description of sumptuous food 🥘
I still laugh on my own whenever I remember those wild times in Natore - motor bike rides in Shariakandi - mahasthan - ghoraghat tank lager and Chaps (chips) and chickon (chicken ) fry
Have fun my friend. Have a laugh with the angels in heaven Nafiz...

from the standing : nafiz - mussharaf & I 

''A friend who dies, it's something of you who dies.''

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