17 May 2016

Poem of days in Uniform by Imran Chowdhury of Northampton

Poem of days in Uniform

Come here look here 
CO in his chair won't spare.

Shouts sergeant how dare
Troops on parade-no stare. 
Chamber stick MK II
30 is to one loo.

Life on marching order 
Acceleration climb ladder
No chance to violet order

Ranks, gong, epaulet & star
Chevron, sash & holster .

Bugles play retreat & reveille
Mind drifts towards lonely lovers assist of body  motley. 

Loveless love and soul
Only there to achieve goal.
Parade come to 'shun 
Giggle or smile no joke or no fun 

What a life On tight rope 
No love, none of scope.

Relax in mist of scotch
Laugh giggle and blush 

No joy - duty - country 
Holt hands up shouts sentry 

Boots, FSMO,sling -house wife & item of twenty six
Rookie have you shaven 
Or face a shave of bricks 

Tactics strategy and map
Nothing but a mouse trap

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