18 May 2016



The global phenomenon of  Pan Islamic World of  threat of terrorism, radicalisation & Islamisation seems like taking more solidified shape and form in Bangladesh. The growth of Fundamental teaching, Brainwashing,Poverty, Lack of employment and sector based skill shortage has started paying back : A detrimental dividend to the society.

The whole country looks like getting itself in a sort of hostage situation from these unseen and unknown threats. The globalisation of religious based ideological politics are rapidly creeping in the shores of the  Bay Bengal. 

A ganges delta’s  flood plain with it’s centuries old docile, amicable, peace loving inhabitants a portion are resorting to traits of insurgents, mercenaries and foot sloggers of the alien ideologies. A sleepy country which has been in the fore front of establishing peace and never indulged itself of invading other regions - subjugation and aggression since the dawn of history. On the contrary these sleepy back waters of Bengal had been fending  off pirates, invaders, looters, aggressors for centuries after centuries. But nothing seemed to have changed the perspectives of the Bengalis.

Always busy with it’s abandon of natural beauty, water, lakes, rivers, erosion, lush paddy fields , folklore, music and literature. Northing could sway these Bengalis away from their core inherent hobbies ,aspirations & passions.

What is baffling now that, within the last 3-4 months Bangladeshi youths are rounded up in other countries where they have migrated to seek fortune - employment   and acquire  economic emancipation. There are in excess of 2 occasions where people of Bangladeshi community in Singapore are found to be involved in conspiracy and found fermenting ideology to change the status quo of Bangladesh ! how bizarre is that, to even think of it. They were networking and planning apocalypse in their own country sitting all the way 3000 km’s away from home. Sounds alarming a prospect. These are not small time planning so it seems and a country like Singapore to act upon and round these would  perpetrators up so hurriedly is a matter of real concern.

Singapore being one of the most modern intelligence based hub of  Policing in the  Northern & Eastern hemisphere to act upon like this manner is a matter of grave concern. They are perceived as one of the best Police organisations in that part of the world and are one of the honest and professional outfit too.  There must be some truth in their intelligence lead operation.

Many experts in the field of security and counter terrorism feel that, Bangladesh is under a cloud of threat from these new frontier of menaces. It is the new face of enemy within. The terror franchise like Al - Queda - ISIS - Dayesh from the Afghanistan and The middle east is slowly and gradually engulfing the minds and brains of  youths of the region and are twisting their innocence into more aggressive from of Jehad ; so to speak. The growth of Islamic faith based unregulated educational institutions have risen from the woodworks like warms and has literally blanketed the country with its reach - there are predominantly in excess of 65 to 70,000 educational institutions in the county which at any given time of the day perhaps imparting  those so called flawed - unproductive form of education to circa 6 - 7 million boys and girls. These institutions are not teaching the national curriculum nor they are inculcating the core national values,ethos  and aspirations - been remarked by one of our reliable source who has been engaged in the monitoring and observing of these institutions for well over 30 years or so.The sudden tide of the growth of these unregulated - clandestine - privately owned  or owned charity or political parties owned or established institutions are ending up producing job less youths in millions whose employment opportunities are highly restricted in the national broader spectrum of employment parameter. These whole army of youth become very vulnerable itself are fast become  so susceptible  to fall prey into the hands of rouge preachers who want to foment the franchise the ideology of these so called religious based terror outfits all in the name of establishing a religion based life; by means of terror- inserting the fear factor - bribing with the fake ideology of hereinafter ; connotation all concocted by themselves and brainwashing the whole lot of those captive audience.

Emulating the signature traits of those outfit in their own domain is something that is waiting to happen in Bangladesh.  The complacency of the law enforcing agencies, lack of resources and modern technology - protracted period of military rule which have always sided with the religious fundamental groups all around the world - like a trend from Uganda to Pakistan  to Egypt to Turkey to Myanmar to Indonesia and  the rest. The lack of employment, lack of social safety net, Poverty, housing and above all lob sided political orientation and ideologically imprudent governments have failed to give a proper sense of national direction and policy directives and legislation has opened these new pandoras box of terror threat. To remain in power the dictators both military and non military regimes always found these religious based outfits as their natural allies.

Many we spoke are very concerned with these stealth contract killings and they are in the opinion that, these are done by home grown terror groups with borrowed brains from others and outsiders. A country of 160 million population which perhaps  is the biggest nation state in the present day world living in one uninterrupted geographical landscape— with hardly any differences of ethnicity and culture or social practices makes it an jewel in the crown - yet it can be translated into falling off the rail to anarchy or shine of  the prosperity.

The rise of Bangladesh from it’s precarious and humble inception has risen from the phoenix of the ashes to the pinnacle and have proven to the world that yes they can. 

Despite those phenomenal successes and prosperity one new headache seems to overshadow it .This  new ideology based group who are out there to ruin it for the rest of the population. They have no respect for it’s people and their well being. Coining a phrase ; these new army of youth ; ARE THE ENEMY FROM WITHIN.

The people are afraid to speak their minds for the fear of unexplained assailants’ blades of the machete. The society at large are living life in fear - the Government is vigilant but is it failing to up root the deep roots of epic centres of this provocations? the public needs to do more vigilante works to identify and neutralise and tip off the law enforcing authorities and campaigning within the fringes of the community to shun these menaces from harbouring in within the premise of the society at large. Insurgents and underground outfits always needs a pond to submerge with the rest of the fishes of the pond. It is the sacred duty of the inhabitants to not to shy away from their impending threats and ill motives. 

Overhaul the rouge and faith based educational system - introduce employment and skilled based sector wise apprentice kind of system to channel a new breed of work force into the economy every year and ensure social safety net to protect those who fall off the wagon towards poverty; poverty and unemployment is the main ingredient of brainwashing and disenchantments and new lofty ideology creates an excellent synergy of destructive mind set.

Bangladesh is perceived as provider of silent - hard and loyal work force to all most all the middles eastern countries, Far East and many smaller pockets of employments all over the world. But these kind of arrests of suspected criminal gangs in aboard - is certainly going to deflate the boom of sending manpower abroad to earn huge sums of much needed foreign currency. The employer from abroad are bound to shy away from employing Bangladeshis. The country needs to formulate a comprehensive policy to deal with all sorts of religious - sectarian - ethnic radicalisation and arrange enough room to accommodate those who want to be rehabilitated back in the society - Every one should not forget the essence of an inclusive society where everyone has the right to dwell provided they have detoxed themselves from the remnants of the ill motives and bend ideology. 

The long haul of the global recession seems like it’s over. The western European and North Americans countries have started to grow fiscally and these type of existence of terror cells in Bangladesh will shut the door of all foreign FDIs to a great extend.

The compelling evidences and signs and symptoms suggest that these elements of the Bangladeshis are  polluted with all sorts of oral, one 2 one an cyber radicalisation.

The Enemy within  is the new threat that Bangladesh may face in the near future.

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