11 January 2016


Justice must be seen to be done

Bangladesh is going through a precarious phase of it’s tremulous legacy of history at this moment. A millions of scores of legacy to settle. No matter what the impediments, objections, oppositions & hindrance  the best thing the country has gifted to her citizens in the last few years is by bringing those barbaric, heinous killers to the  book.

An epitome of act carried out which gives a sense of reparation to those who suffered in the 1971 - during the Great liberation war of Bangladesh in their hands.

These were the criminals who were the collaborators who raised the Pakistan Army to carry out an all out ethnic cleansing, a genocide, mammoth magnitude of looting arson and above all rapes & displacements of more than 70 million population of East Pakistan.

The wrath of their bad hands reached all most all parts of the 55000 sq miles area of present day Bangladesh - not one was spared from the avalanche of the Pakistanis torture and annihilation.

the country stood still for 267 long days and the no crops, no trade, no wages, no financial activities took within those days. 10 million people had no other choice but to see refuge to neighbouring Indian states of West Bengal, Assam, Meghalaya & Tripura. A staggering 10 million. The biggest human exodus in the recent memory. 

These collaborators were the vanguards of showing them to advance to plunder and withdrawal to annihilate route in and route out. 

The Bangladeshi Bengali population faced the worst 267 days in 1971 in the hands of those neo Nazi Pakistani Army and its army of fifth columnists drawn from the indigenous population who were the followers of Pakistani concocted 2 nations theory ideology based on flimsiest of all bondage of  religion.

They were conscripted to form various pseudo organisations like Rajakars, Al Shams, Al Badar and Peace Committees - these outfit and its personnel's were the worst home grown enemies that the sleepy countryside of Bengal have ever seen in the lives.

Where was Geneva conventions. Human rights,Judicial Parameters when they were commenting all those crimes against humanity and now why there is hue and cry of their trials legitimacy, integrity, human rights ? this is a beggars belief. How can a criminal who perpetrated crime against humanity is seeking for all those who they themselves have never paid any heed? They killed, raped, looted, burned houses and tortured POWs -  the freedom fighters who were captured by the Pakistan army after receiving tip offs from the their agents; these people who are now being rounded up to face the consequences of their crimes against the people of Bangladesh. 

It was  long due. It was imperative for the freedom fighters, the sufferers and the minorities to see that those who have put them through the hell for the 9 longs months of the liberation war once for all brought to justice and make them pay the most severest of pay back for their heinous crime against the humanity.

No matter how late or how far; this is the only means for the suffers and for the country to see that, no one is above the law and sets a precedent for future that , the law  of the land is equal for all and they future generations must learn that, 

Justice must be seen to done .

imran chowdhury 

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