1 December 2015

Bijoy Phool inauguration evening

Bijoy Phool evening 
My thoughts 

What a beautiful gathering of like minded Bengalis to sing a song in unison. A congregation of the golden sons( the freedom fighters) of our motherland. 

The spontaneous participation of the second and third generations of the Bengali diaspora.

The momentous reminiscences of 1971.

The glorious pasts of those young standard bearers our epitome the national flag.

The national anthem : mutual help to lapel the emblem of our victory.

The poetry recitation and the compilation of letters of the freedom fighters an eye watering experience 

Help ease the pain the personal loss by revisiting those callous moments of perishing of a dear one.

Chance to speak and express those inner demons of feeling and ventilation of the gust emotions.

The exuberance of the youths - the working mothers - the school going kids compromising their studies and people making journey from south to north to converge in the midst of remembering the glorious VICTORY... was the icing of the cake...

Thank you all the A team to make it a successful night.

Good luck and best wishes : whilst passing by the just pray for one second for them  who sacrificed their yesterday for our today.....

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