6 September 2015


Time has elapsed just like this; before I could even fathom the length it has just gone past before my eyes to quickly is unimaginable. I was in Luton ( An english town near London) a few years ago on dull muggy cloudy day suddenly felt I was famishing. Went into one of the Kebab restaurant. 

A nice welcome with a big smile and the waiter was a very friendly from the very beginning. Ordered some call, with a bowl of Halal Lamb khorai , paratha and a large glass of lassi. The waiter served me and was chatting to me and asked where I come from - when I said I am from Bangladesh - He was a bit surprised. he thought I was a Tamil Muslim or a Tamil.

By the time we were having these small talk ; the restaurant become all most empty accept a few ladies sitting in the dark and remorse corner of the room having a banter and loud chat of youth; all of them were head to toe covered in burkha and niqab and hijab accept for the eyes.

In the course of our conversation I asked the waiter where is he from, He said he comes from Peshawar - I was intrigued and asked his which place in Peshawar ; he was a bit lost , asked me why , do i know Peshawar ? Have I been there ? I just replied that, My father's best friend was a Pathan and He used to bring Peshwari chappal for me when he used to go on leave when I was 8- 9 years old and is name was Spin Gul and was famously known as Spring Gul ; sadly the my favourite uncle Spin Gul was killed in 1971 liberation war and after liberation war my father wrote to his wife and his kids and they were from Bahadur Kaley some where Peshawar. The waiter just jumped and said to me with the horror of surprise that he comes a village very near to Bahadur Kaley.  I was shocked and was hoping next he is going to say ; he happens to know Mr Spring Gul. Luckily, he did not. I told him when mr gul used to go on leave to his home - he would make me stand on white sheet of paper and draw my feet on the paper for both the feet. A couple of moths later he would come and present me 3 -4 pairs of Chappals with brown leather, black and of different types, It was such a joy for me to wear those when I was 9 years old and go to my friends and relatives house wearing this squeaky noises that the shoes used to make made me feel aristocratic in those days, Had always had an eye for a  nice pair of shoes. I once asked Spring Gul uncle what does your name mean - why your parents calls you spring. He told me his name mean ''white flower''  Spin Gul.

The course of chatting went from one end to the other and -  the chap was only 32 years old and he was born after 1971now  but he was telling me that, Pathans and Sindhis and other various races are facing the same kind of persecution from the ruling Panjabis of Pakistan. One thing lead to others. 

My mind suddenly drifted away back to reality of my memories of 1971 days and how I feel now and how I felt then. He started to tell me a version of History - how it was the muslim Panjabis and islamic Pakistan were compelled to strike the enemies of Islam to protect islam in East Pakistan; His concocted story goes like, the whole war of independence was a revolt by the bengali hindus and they were aided by India to divide Pakistan and that is why Pakistan had no choice but to safe guard islam.

Studied history in Peshawar University and migrated to UK after marrying his first cousin and trying to settle down and managing the restaurant owned by his father in law; the guy was genuinely talking to me and I was intrigued and told him it was no about religion ; religion was a shield of a smoke screen. 

They have no idea about religion. They just wanted East Pakistan to remain as one of their subjugated back benchers like Sindh, NWFP and Azad kashmir. Now eyeing the whole of Kashmir. They never believed deep down that Bengalis of East Pakistan were also muslims too. They just clandestinely branded us all as Hindus ; what a mammoth ignorance whereas the very formation of their beloved Pakiatan was based on Muslims of both west and east Pakistan 

If i take your word that, they came to East Pakistan to save Islam then go home this little analogy from me,

War in East Pakistan in 1971 was a war which turned out to be biggest defeat for the fraternity of Islam since it's inception in the hands of those who were once upon a time faced the brunt of Islamic expansion and conquest ; which made all those people suffer and by indulging in a wrong war Pakistan Military and It's government brought the biggest disgrace for the religion in essence.

Just close your eyes for a moment and visualise the disgraceful of surrender of Pakistan army to ; 

* Indira Ghandi : a Kasmiri Pundit origin whose ancestors were persecuted, killed and uprooted from their home land when the islamic invasion of this holy hindu land took place in in 1000 AD. - In 1971 she was the main Protagonist of the shameful surrender of the first muslim senapoti ( General) in the history of islam since 610 AD.

* Babu Jogjivan Ram ; The dalit Defence minister of India whose caste member were heavily side lined and persecuted by majority Bihari Muslim for over 2-3 century.

* General Sam Manekshaw :  The Chief of Indian Army ;a Persian Zoroastrian migrated to India from Iran ( Persia ) in 

*Lieutenant General  Jagjit Singh Arora :  The GOC in chief of Eastern Command of the Indian Army ; a sikh - whose race paid a very heavy price for the creation of Pakistan and hundreds of thousands of sikh were butchered in 47 and millions were made homeless.

* Major General J.F.R. Jacob ; a Bagdadi Jew ; the Chief of Staff of The Eastern Command of The Indian Army; whose family fled their native land Mesopotamia on the face of Muslim aggression of The then Iraq by muslim forces 

This is  the pentagon of old enemies who took a revenge on the aggressor who had played havoc in their ancestors life ; No wonder India (federal  secular) sees and observes 16th December as VIJAY DIBASH. It is percieved  more of a collective of religious victory than that of a military win. When all these representative group have had settled some age old scores.

They have collectively made the symbolic Islamic army to bow their head down to these people whose ancestors have once did so under the sharp blades of the swords.

Never use religion to avenge, rape and kill innocents who were just asking for an independent country of their own ; which is a birth right of all the  people of the world.

This is only occasion in the History of My religion since it's promulgation that a MUSLIM GENERAL has ever surrendered to it's enemy in flesh and blood - 

Came to protect the religion and instead disgraced it...........religion is for humanity and humility not for avenging war and atrocity.

With that last few sentences I walked out of the eatery and tipping the chap heavily whilst my eyes has just released a drop my weep. for those who have laid their lives for me to say this to the world with my head held high. Where my childhood uncle Spin Gul paid with his life just because he was a Pathan; ruthlessly killed in one of EPR camps in Lathi Tilla - Borlekha area.

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