25 July 2015

Myth - Truth or Lies

We have been told a load of pack of lies ; who by?

Myth or truth !?

Since I have started my career and even long before that , I have heard so have many of you . that ,  BB Sheikh Mujibar Rahman and his awami league never liked the Army ; he favoured the Rakkhi Bahini over army .

But to me it always felt not correct .

Reason being if BB Sheikh Mujibar Rahman did not like army then why would he send his middle son to Sandhurst to join Bangladesh Army ; if he did not like the Army he instead should have send his son to Dheradun for joining JRB.

A father would not let his join some organisation which he dislikes . Would he ?

Out of 3 sons two of his sons have served in the army yet we were given the impression that BB hated the army and that was one of the cause of the coup d'état of 75....
That legacy of the lie still continues in the minds of many many officers and ranks  of the army.

But no one has ever tried to clear the air. Have they ? 

I strongly feel that these myths and falsifications must be eradicated from the minds and hearts of us all.

( I am not promoting awami league or any party : I just want these myths to be discussed in the forum where we can ascertain the truth and a reconciliation ; if possible )

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