1 June 2015


There are more to it ; watch the names of the rivers - 98.5% of them are named according to the Hindu mythological names; hence; rivers to them is not only a source of water and to build civilisation astride it there are huge RELIGIOUS implication in them too. give Bangladesh half the chance they will change the names of all these rivers to some what Arabic- Greek- Egyptian names to suit their invasion. The ultra radicalised Hindu India want theirr those sacred rivers to serve them only and if need be change the hydrograpic course and make their courses change and let these rivers form their own delta to converge into the sea in bay of Bengal via URRISHA - WEST BENGAL (NOT BANGLADESH SIDE) - ATTACH THE NEW COURSE with the caveri river so that these rivers can remain as scared as they were once named when these rivers whole course FLOWED OVER predominantly HINDU inhabitants; remember how Yazid and Imam Hussain fracas in Islam took place in karbala with a unitary water sharing issues - it is something same; and another point is - I don't think we value rivers and its waters - we have used rivers for drainage and sewage purposes - we never clean them- no community aspiration to clean their own stretch of water and when there is water use these banks of the river to make toilers and river is the drainage - and when these river bed dries up - grab the land and make it ur own land - but when India does anything we shout- would Bangladesh had not done the same thing ? block the rivers ? like we did in KAPTAI - made a dam and ruined lives for millions of hill people - it does not now produce much electricity - why don't we raise our voice to break the dam and make rangamati back to its old place and millions of acres of land will come to help for producing crop and the insurgency problem will go straight away. THINK RATIONAL AND THINK SELFLESS

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'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন ''

'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন '' এ প্রিল ১৯৭৯ রাঙামাটি রিজার্ভ বাজারের লন্চ ঘাটে গফুর হাজীর লঞ্চে উঠলাম : নিজাম ; লন্চ মাল...