13 June 2015


Surprisingly a lot of new breed of Pakistani people are befriending us Bengalis are trying to somehow give a very different account of 1971. 
We must never forgive those bustards of Pakistani army what they did to us in 1971.
Please don't fall for their side of the story.
Those of who are very fond of those Pakistanis you can unfriend me from your list of friends.
I don't need to be associated with the who are in love with the Pakistan story.
If Pakistan is bastion of religion of islam then I am ready to denounce that too. If need be. It did not save my life being a Muslim at the time.
They are trying a new story ; it was India who divided Pakistan and Pakistan army Had done nothing. We Bengalis went to India to seek their help ; what a load of crap.... Many of our new generations are falling for it...
No Bengali should ever forgive the Pakistanis. Some of them infiltrating in the name of Muslim ummah campaign for Muslims around the 
world: be careful too. 

We must start a campaign to make them "APOLOGISE" the whole nation of Pakistan an unconditional apology ...

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