8 April 2015



Bangladeshi community in the UK is one of the most deprived and downtrodden communities amongst the immigrant communities that live here.

The community has risen from the ashes of the phenix but It has a long way to go. The community is riddled with an identity crisis and the youngsters of the community are finding it hard to adjust with the changing demography of their surrounding.
Religion of Islam plays a very important role of any child born in this community as from day one ; they hear more about the religion than that any other rhymes and songs from their childhood. The community due to economic, language, social culture and other inherent impediments never had ventured in mixing with the mainstream community or any other immigrant communities; the main aspiration of the first and second generations of parents were to work hard and save money and one day go back to the country that they come from. This was never their home.

Since the rise of Neo islamic expansionists in the middle east and the reach of money due to oils and other income the growth of islamic practices within the community started to gain it’s pace since mid seventies. which were invisible for a good decade or so.
The community started to seek solace in the mist of religion and started to built mosques and other religious institutions to make their kids more adherent of the faith, little did they know that, these will open a floodgate; a vested quarter to infiltrate into the community and slowly take it over and run as per their bend ideology.

The religion of islam which was preached amongst the Bangladeshi community in Bangladesh came from various sufi saints and other preachers who created a different kind of practices and norms but the infiltration in the UK in within the Bangladeshi community started to preach a puritanical orthodox form of islam. the community due to their lack of understanding and educational background and their conviction to religion failed to see these pattern of religion which were slowly and gradually piled onto them by those clerics and the slow motivational activities towards a niche’ brainwashing went unnoticed by the amicable, docile and unsuspecting generations of the community.

Those vile preachers used the innocence of the parents of the community to hinge all their trust and faith to those who had hidden agendas to establish a pan world one kind of islam.
Now, that slow preaching, aggressive growth of pr and marketing, extensive one to one motivation and a well choreographed process of radicalisation engulfed the community before they even knew about it.
The community is now as it stands, where 85-90% of the community is brainwashed that they don’t see if there is anything wrong within the community and they are not ready to accept any other version other than that of the version of their mentors.
Since, year 2000 on wards the mentors started to concentrate on changing the demography of the community and it’s appearance – there are hardly any woman in the community who does not wear head scarf – hijab and the discourse of day to day normal bengali (sylheti) dialect is slowly turned all arabic.

It is now a fashion statement and a symbol of social status to be seen as a religious person. There is no harm in it. The community is doing it’s best to stay away from alcohol – drugs and other clubbing and partying culture, but at the same time the community riddled with fermentation of thoughts of hatred towards Jews, Christianity, Hindus & of course the West.
The mushroom growth of mosques in every corner of the street, the backward faith school, islamic classes, lectures circuit, team building hiking, networking, islamic speed dating,sale of hijab, burkha, veils and headscarfs are part of the process of islamic radicalisation and establishing a bigger and unified muslim umma where the individual racial identities are slowly and gradually evaporating is a sign of the success of those who wanted these various communities to be segregated from the mainstream permissive society. To them it is against the religion and the inculcation of the fear factor hereinafter has helped these preachers to convince these communities out of their wit.

Radicalisation in within the bengali community in the UK is a major issue up and down the country from Brick Lane to Bradford, Harrow to Harrogate, from West Bromwich to Wales and from Scunthorpe to Scotland.

There are a lot  of boys from this bengali diaspora slipped away to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen since 1995 – 96 as early as that.
Bengalis are not a martial race – they love their peace loving life – local music, poetry, folklore and moderate religious practices. But that same bengali descent to change the age old racial trait and to become a Jehadi fighter to fight for someone’s else’s war – is a matter of great concern to shallow.

The radicalisation, the motivation. the brainwashing, the fear factor and the rewards there of to serve the cause of religion ( their version) is the only driving force for all these boys and girls to join the this race.

There no less than few hundred bengali of Bangladeshi descent who are already there and they are now pulling these young brainwashed woman to serve them with their bodies so that, they are rewarded hereinafter for the service that these girls have rendered for the ansars of Allah; these bed hopping will all be done religiously as long as both partners for the night or week or month is married by a scholar or an Imam and after the night or week or month a oral divorce is administered in front of another imam. This practice is prevailing in peace time Britain to lead promiscuous or monogamous life by both married men or spinster woman.

Worryingly, the community at large is very naive and complacent to admit it or notice it. To them it is not right to question about religion – they are not in a position to question that practice. Allah knows better – that is the excuse that they have.
If now after all these press, media coverage the community do not wake up to the reality then this will be the next great disaster for the very existence of the race itself and it is bound to engulf other parts of the world.

Is it really happening ? is it all bit of myth?

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