22 March 2015


1924 -2005 
We lost our father this day 22 march ; A man died with the pain of loosing his eldest son during 1971 war.
He never could recuperate from the loss of this son SHAHEED BABUL CHOWDHURY - 1953-1971......(https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gopinathpur-Shaheed-Babul-High-School/270706216371941?rf=168976883276540)
A Freedom fighter and one of the founders of erstwhile BDR - fought from SHAMSHERNAGOR TO Koilashahar sub sector - to 4 sector HQ MASIM PUR(india) TO SYLHET - Buried many of his co freedom fighters en route (havilder golam rasul BB laid in rest by him on mile post 16 on SYLHET - JAINTA ROAD - 8th dec '71) little did he know that his own son was killed on the 21st nov and his body was left to decompose on the banks of anderson canal of b.baria.....
We all miss you dearly - was a big philanthropist he was - set up a school on my brothers memory in our village from his own money to start off with today that humble school has more than 1000 student - standing tall with the emblem of my brothers name ..... since his retirement he dedicated his life for that school of his love.....died in his sleep at night (21/22 March 2005 )after working all day for the school.....
MAY HIS SOUL REST IN PEACE - we all miss you......... normally i like grieving in private but don't know why i am putting it on Facebook this time round..... 

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