30 April 2014

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Last Sunday an incident opened my eye. Went to meet a friend and seeing his overall situation , his life style , his health , his age and his mental state : has shaken me to the extreme.  Never could think that this can happen to someone who I know so closely.  I knew for the last few years that he was going through a bad patch ....little did I know....

He is a very dear friend of mine...just the other what a life he had....A beautiful wife , 3 gorgeous kids more that 2 cars in the drive top of the range....pockets full of dosh and today all have deserted him to the hilt.

Don't want to go into details but this obnoxious twist and devastation of his life the style the pomp the luxury and comfort seems like all have abandoned him to face it all by himself

Rain comes - rainy days come but not these.... (to be continued)

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