30 April 2014

Friend in need is a friend indeed

Last Sunday an incident opened my eye. Went to meet a friend and seeing his overall situation , his life style , his health , his age and his mental state : has shaken me to the extreme.  Never could think that this can happen to someone who I know so closely.  I knew for the last few years that he was going through a bad patch ....little did I know....

He is a very dear friend of mine...just the other what a life he had....A beautiful wife , 3 gorgeous kids more that 2 cars in the drive top of the range....pockets full of dosh and today all have deserted him to the hilt.

Don't want to go into details but this obnoxious twist and devastation of his life the style the pomp the luxury and comfort seems like all have abandoned him to face it all by himself

Rain comes - rainy days come but not these.... (to be continued)

28 April 2014

The lights

Lights makes so much of difference in a room is unthinkable . The reflections on the walls reminds a morning sun rising in the fat horizon the far bank of the sea .....raising from the phoenix of it all. ..The north African lights are my favourites ... The make a room full of opulence,  lucid and radiates energy and brightens the body mind and the soul.

24 April 2014

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7 April 2014

Should Bangladesh be Worried

The recent subjugation of Crimea by Russia has created and new wave of controversy and whilst doing a research and series of interviews and studying the geo political assessment thereof the sheikhnews dot com’s investigation has been able to unearth a whole spectrum of possibilities and impending threats on Bangladesh; like as if Russia has just opened a can of warm.
The baffling prospect and its far reaching envisaged tentative implications can raise anyone’s hair and could bring a shiver down the spine.
There is a saying ‘’ History repeats itself’’ and seeing the mighty Russia falling apart like a house of cards in the early 90ies and then going into an obscure phase in the world scene for a few years and then getting embroiled in debt, riddle into poverty, unemployment and a huge hang over of the legacy of her communist past of 7 decades – what a revival of a magnificent proportion.
The common wealth of Russian federation and its various member states became an elusive hinterland for Kremlin since they all started to disperse and disintrigrate in separation  many of which were mostly been amalgamated during the Regina of the mighty  Russian empire long before the Bolshevik revolution of 1917.
But within 20 years of fall, the tables have turned; today again Russia is trying to stand tall in the world stage, standing tall and farm.
The whole of Europe /NATO was stunned and have become  numb seeing the latest incursion of Russia but they have failed to put up a strong protest as they whole Europe’s street lights, the industries and civilisation can grind into a halt tomorrow if Russia switches off its supplies of energy to The European states. The whole of Europe is a captive recipient of Russian energy, oil, gas and electricity.
Mr Putin seems to be a new CZAR of Kremlin; he is the boss- and no one has the audacity to protest his latest rants.
It is known to all that Russia and India are tested friends which started during the cold war time, D.P.Dhar a fine Indian statesman and a diplomat in the early seventies cemented a concrete friendship with Russia and India – it was Sharan Singh & A. A. Gromyko, penned the friendship treaty and since then they have been  inseparable  as if the umbilical cord is not been cut properly and have stood shoulder to shoulder and even during the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971 when 7th fleet of US navy was dispatched to the bay of Bengal it was Russia who came to India’s rescue and fended the USA advancing fleet. In the last 42 years Russia always stood by India and vice versa.
Indo – Russo venture remains till date an all time high value friendship and the excuses the Russians gave to the rest of the world for the annexation of Crimea resonates the same kind of excuse India might come up with in the event of any ulterior motive if India is nurturing at all; is voiced by a source who has more than 40 years of foreign relations experience.
The recent activities of India and Bangladesh’s voter less election wining government is not accepted by anyone but India and by the looks of it. It seems crystal clear that India is enjoying the most favourite nation’s status from the present government and the whole world knows that India’s blessing is only God send ashirbad that the present Bangladesh government has.
At the rate the whole Bangladesh Government agencies and institution are bending backward and forward to please and serve the interest of India is unheard in the history of these two countries bilateral relations of the past 42 years.
One source spoke to us with request of anonymity, that He has never seen so much of Indian influence in the running of the country for the last 21 years of his service as a civil servant and who is contemplating to resign as he is finding it too difficult to his conscience.
Whilst talking about the possible threat to Bangladesh – an army officer gave this reporter the most convincing geo political threat scenario that the country is under. In his plain language he blatantly described, that it will be very easy for India to make a move towards Bangladesh as they can give the following reasons; (similar to what Russia gave)
  • India has same  language speaking (Bengali of West Bengal) people in Bangladesh
  • Member of their religion people live here  are under threat (a few communal incidence in the recent past – signifies those)
  • That, Bangladesh was once part of India
  • They have right to protect their peoples’ interest
  • That, the new Islamic radicalisation threat might endanger their territorial equilibrium
  • With that sentence he just walked out of the room and drove off in his pristine pajero with a huge trail of northern Bengal’s infamous dust for our investigator to swallow.
Is it what Bangladesh is waiting to see?
Is it possible in this day and age?
Is Bangladesh not capable to withstand any onslaught?
Will Bangladesh face anything like this?
With a very grim face, questions that remains to be answered.
Should Bangladesh be worried?
With a heavy heart pounding with all these thoughts this reporter went back to the base and after a few days of wait. Finally, met an ex military strategist and very prudent and an unbiased consultant who gave an account of the scenario which have astonished the interviewer for the rest of the day.
Excerpt of the conversation;
‘’ Bangladesh may be subjugated or annexed at any time and with a mighty super power like Russia behind India does she care anyone? Two third majorities in the parliament is a two edged weapon. It can bring enormous fruit for the nation if they want to and they also can send the whole nation into the gutter of history if they wish to do so.’’
To elaborate further the 84 years old strategist explained that, under the parliamentary norms if the parliament asks India to subjugate us then India can do so and that way the parliament member remain in power for an unforeseeable future and with the backing of Russia the whole thing will die down in a few days. USA, UK and Europe will have no choice but to keep mum in the whole affairs. Look at what happened to Syria ; one phone call from Putin ; the whole world backed out bombing Syria to oust Basher, like they did with Gadaffi. Bear in mind though, the 25 years treaty is an irrevocable one which has not been null & voided by our parliament ever hence the treaty remains in vogue.
What about the intellectuals & Cultural arena? When asked.
Reply from him was more detrimental than ever. He said, Don’t you see the series of chat shows in almost all TV channels how these so called intellectuals are toe licking to pave the way for smooth transition? The cultural subjugation has started long before we have been able to augment the prospect of annihilation or subjugation.
To add more bone into the meat; our man wanted to probe deeper into the recesses of subject’s mind and asked ‘’Are you sure? But we have one of the finest army in the world. Well reputed all over the world. Surely they are not going to tolerate these heinous hegemonies by a neighbour.’’
The old boy sprung out of park bench like a spring chicken with his walking stick and   started to walk away and whispered to him. ‘’Oh. that army?  They have failed and the litmus taste of BDR killing has tested positive that Bangladesh army is not there to defend anyone but themselves and yet they failed to do so on that. What hope have we got. They are too busy minting money and accumulating wealth; ‘Bangladesh senabahini limited’ now is the biggest business conglomerate in the country and its member are more busy growing the business interest of the army then to protect their people and themselves and the rest of the nation.
There seems a huge threat of sovereignty looming in the horizon and if we are not careful and if we continue to remain and act like a bystander then one day it might so happen that. The long cherished INDEPENDANCE will become a far cry and reminiscences, a Nostalgia.

This reporter since arranged a few more meetings with the ruling party leaders and some important bureaucrats. A lot of sting operations are being carried out to create some scoop headline news’s. SheikhNews Dot Com will be publishing subsequently soon.
Meanwhile to please Indo Russian axis of evil Bangladesh have abstained from Voting in the UN General Assembly vote to protest the Russian annexation of Crimea. It is yet again a clear sign that the present Bangladesh government is totally under tightest grip of indo- Russian parallel lobby and is ready to sacrifice its favourable relation with the rest of western world.
One hidden mystery should reveal that Indo Russo both of them are derived from Aryan race and that is the historical bondage which should never be ignored

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