16 March 2014



Imran Chowdhury

Democracy; Perhaps the most uttered word in the vocabulary in our country.
It always baffled a whole host of people, political leaders, observers, the silent mass & the non engaged mediocre citizens of Bangladesh at large; as to what the word democracy mean.
The leaders, political class, the supporter’s base, the voters all want democracy.
But if raises numerous answered questions, what  it means  by ‘’democracy ‘’ as far as one can see since the fall of the old military junta’s regime of steamroller (so they say) the democracy just given us nothing but changing the Guard.
The questions of quality, meaning, well being, peoples’ power and the restoration of the good order and discipline remain a bridge too far. Then why are we so fond of changing the guard; who are we facilitating for what reason and why we get so enthusiastic – we are be fooled time and time again in this myth?
Not indicating anything else but want some answers to the questions- so does the rest of the country. What pragmatic changes have been brought upon from all these change of the guards?
The people of the country are put through a crucifying phase of excruciating pain to the change the old guard and install a new one.
One claims to be the better choice than that of the other (s) but the polity, the governance, the usage of govt organisations and agencies to punish the same public who just facilitated them to ascend to the throne does not make any change due to the change of the old guards to the new guards.
The main ingredient of a thriving democracy is the participation of the people and the voters in the electoral College and the process. This does not happen in that nick of the woods. Why democratically elected peoples’ representatives don’t become answerable to their people and turn into a neo feudalistic ruler. Same human being acts as the judge, accused, the jury and the investigator. It’s a beggar’s belief.
Peoples’ participation and consultation are not taken into cognizance yet the new ideologies, isms and political legacy are  shoved down the throat. New cultures and ethos are bulldozed into the public domain and establish them by their cronies forcefully. Imagine how uncomfortable those have made the people and the silent middle Bangladesh; who’s hopes, aspirations and their contribution to the society thrown aside to embrace the ill conceived ones’. What an utter disappointment.
The very fabric of the society is eroding and declining faster than anything else.  Ill perceived rat race of climbing the economical ladder seems to have taken over all the niceties of life.
The cantankerous attitude, indecent mudslinging turning more personalised is ruining the total morality of the upcoming generations – the ruling class and other stake holders of the society are citing bad examples for the future generations to inherit and hollow and a shallow moral savings account.
Only the usage the public find itself is in the mist of all of this is they are the main catalyst agent to expedite the change of the guards and as soon as the changing ceremony take place the public is thrown into the gutter of garbage till such time when they are again needed to play the catalyst to expedite the change. The public at times feels suffocated and undergoes a state of hostage life waiting for the ransom to pay off to remove themselves from the shackle of unease and suffocation.
It is a novelty to talk about the Westminster type of democracy; it is an aspiration to emulate them but by the looks of it; it all seems imprudent political rhetoric. It is conniving ploy to yet again to befool the public  as soon as the ceremony, the pomp, the extravagant mammoth expenses of the tax payers money brings the new faces to guard the people ; the new guard immediately forget all about them who actually battled to install them into glamorous world of power. Often that change makes the people bleed and every times it seems an all out skirmishes outbreak to smooth-en the transition to happen. There seems to be no let up in that bloody process. The changing of the scene in the theater of power is getting uglier, bloodier, damaging by the day.
Is that what democracy means? When will we see a bit of better behavior, better knowledge, better qualities of leadership, better quality of peoples’ life,  better state of affairs of the law & order and the list of betterment goes on and on.

Hope one day these anomalies are fast eradicated to make the country a peaceful, law abiding, democratic county sooner that happens is better and which will ascertain the meaning of the democracy.

Wish the perceptions and attentions of politicians change, the rhetoric’s and the mudslinging become more civil and frugal usage of words and clandestine comments and a true sense of courteous democracy emerge from the phoenixes of the perils of this dichotomy of feud.

Imran Chowdhury
A freelance writer

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