21 March 2014



Study history, study history. In history lies all the secrets of statecraft.
The controversy of the history of our war of independence has been a sticking issue for the last 42 years. The relentless perseverance of shoving the new history down our throat has become a recurring phenomenon in Bangladesh. But it will not achieve the ultimate goal that they want to fulfil. So long the liberation generations are still and live and kicking they will never allow any fabrication of the history of our mighty liberation war of 1971. I have seen the whole liberation and independence to unfold in front of my own eyes.
One dreadful night of 25th march 1971 the blackest of all nights fell onto the fate of Bengali people, the crackdown by the Pakistani junta – the massacre, the barbaric genocide, indiscriminate shooting to annihilate the Bengalis, the heinous killing of the twentieth century stunned the whole nation. They were taken by surprise, the atrocity and the loss of loved ones made the whole nation numb for a few days to come.  The carcases, the dead bodies of human being and the animals and the magnitude of rapes and other sexual and inhumane activities by the barbaric Pakistan army made us running scared and retreating from the oncoming onslaught of the aggressive military. They whole nation was running with their heart in their throat. The undisputed architect and the leader of our liberation were rounded up on that very fateful night along with his entire family member and were taken into solitary confinement where they were kept incommunicado. The whole nation was floating in the deep sea of despair without an oar to sail to the right direction. There was not definitive sequence of directive, a plan or an order as to what the nation would do in the event of this kind- I guess the crackdown and massacre by the Pakistan army was never envisaged. The barbaric Pakistan army zealots thought they will once for all douse the fire of movement and protest and the urge for a self governed province by cracking down and show down of arms and killing.
The 14th infantry division of the Pakistan army; the eastern command; the heinous and barbaric army under the command of the butcher of Pakistan General Tikka Khan were planning and inching in towards all the divisional, district and sub divisional towns to thwart the demand of a separate county/state once for all; and they would have easily succeeded had there been; if,
On that very crucial juncture of the fate of the nation there came and voice from the ether via the radio.........came from the mouth of an unknown Major of the mighty east Bengal regiment – a voice of assurance, a voice of resistance, a voice of pronouncement, a voice of showing a sense of purpose and resolve, a voice of perseverance , a voice to uphold the patriotism, a voice of courage, a voice of bravery and zeal and sacrifice.....the nation turned around and pulled itself together, the voice from the radio and its baritone utterance and its bass and the sermon to pick up the arms and defend the ground and the repulse the enemy and regain the freedom threw a life line to the nation on the morning after the crackdown.

This was the epic call – a call which changed the history and the map of the world. And that unknown Major of the east Bengal regiment was no one but Major Zia.
In that crucial theatre of crisis in Chittagong there were all minors and Zia was the only major and major of courage and a major of extreme patriotism, a major of sacrifice above all a major who brought courage, life and pulse back into the soul, mind and the body the race.

Major Zia was the only protagonist in that theatre who was the sole hero of the episode – an epitome scene; a landmark drama of our national history. A history that is , no one must try to tamper with;  history takes its own course where it is very difficult to fabricate and engineer history of the past retrospectively which is bound to back fire and the history will not be very kind to them who tries to do that.

Zia the hero of 1971 – your hero, the nation’s hero will remain as our only undisputed hero who dared all odds of the raging fiery barrels to accept any consequences to declare the mighty fight back.
He was the first who declared the armed war against the perpetrators; the liberation war stats from there.
The declaration of independence and to repulse and dislodge the enemy with a struggle with and arms and ammunitions only came from his mouth but none. No matter how much gloss anyone wants put into it or how much fabrication a quarter tries.  Zia will always be perceived as the hero of the hour.
It was a matter of sheer bravery, a mammoth act of courage, vigour and an extreme example of highest degree of patriotism. No one else had the means, courage, statesmanship, the followers, the army, creditability amongst his peers and subordinate, initiative and skills to stand up against the mighty Pakistan army – endangering his own family life and kith and kin’s. No one had that magnitude of state of mind to embrace any consequence and sacrifice but Zia.

The impact that announcement to start the armed resistance and repulsion threw a life line to the rest of the nation in the state of confusion, it gave a definitive sense of direction and a purpose and an assurance to break the ranks for all the members of the East Bengal regiment, EPR, Police, Ansar – Muzahids and the peasants, the school and college and university students to come out with the extreme degree of courage and heroism to pick up arms and start defending the nation with arms, guns, lancers, spades, shovels, bow and arrows. What a sense of purpose that declaration brought upon to the nation by that unknown Major is unbelievable unless any one has seen it. It was the best moment of that hour of crisis.

That was indeed the call of independence. That proclamation did pave the way for the organic war of liberation and it gave all the leaders and workers and the defected members of the armed forces to work in unison to put resistance to stop the advancing of the junta.
No matter how much any school of thought tries it. The history will always uphold the contribution of Major Zia in 1971 and it will always place him on highest of the altar of the podium of our liberation war among the rest of the architects of our liberation.
Let there be no doubt as to who was the hero of the hour of need of the nation
It was Zia with his dedication and patriotism and his passion.
Long live the memory of Zia and his vision

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