28 March 2014

A Public Meeting in London; My Perspectives

A Public Meeting in London; My Perspectives

On the eve of our Independence day an impromptu public meeting was organised by the Bangladesh nationalist Party ; I think for UK usage we must not use the abbreviated term of the party as the listener of the abbreviation immediately relates the name with a very anti immigrant political party of UK. Which   we ought to be very careful as our second- third generation is hearing the bad names of the other party with the similar sounding name that we often use. I guess it’s high time to think about it and if need be re-brand and re- launch just for UK.
It was an excellent initiative by UK unit of the party and the consent of Mr T. Rahman to give a rare audience to the party leaders and workers and supporters was like buy one get one free offer. Indeed it was the need of the hour. The party ranks and file is exhausted after a long battle of abandoning the election and after the election there seems to an undeclared lull prevailing in both sides of the world. The overwhelming support base in the UK of the party must be an eyes shore for a host of people and observers.
The meeting was organised and orchestrated to talk about the declaration of independence – an every prolonging unnecessary debate where a very biased school of thought is trying untiringly to undermine ziaur rahman and malign him to make the other leaders the champions. Irony of our nation is going on and on, there seems to be no let up in this.
There is a saying, ‘’one should not try to reinvent the wheel’’.We the people we know what happened on that day the 26th March 1971. 
The yesterday’s meet was to reiterate those glorious moments of Ziaur Rahman’s announcements and refute the claims by the other party with historical evidence. This to my understanding should be sufficed to nullify their ill conceived claim.
But here I am going to throw some light into the meeting and its intricate aspects observed by me and my perspectives hitherto untold;
Bangladesh nationalist party has yet again proved that, they will stand tall shoulder to shoulder to proclaim the near lost sovereignty.
Tarek Rahman remains to be the undisputed skipper of the schooner; inching towards to command the fleet of the nationalist flotilla.
The emergence to prominence of Dr M.A. Malik , the reward that Mr Tarek Rahman has been generous enough to present to him; was  a matter of sheer pleasure and was of a great praise. Dr.M.A. Malik was personally invited to take up a seat with Mr T.Rahman was a victory for a group of people including Dr M.A.Malik.
It yet again proves that, Hard work with true sense of conviction does never go unnoticed; When all his peers and friends are putting their feet up on the stool and relaxing their long deserved pension and enjoying the finer aspects of a retired life; touring the world, sipping a cup of coffee with grand children on a alfresco cappuccino bar in the sunny Mediterranean holiday spots ; at that very moment this septuagenarian gentleman has dedicated his leisure and pleasure for the cause of his beloved homeland. An elusive piece of land for him. Been living in the UK for more than 50 years but his resolve to see his country a prosperous and a true democratic state has never have abandoned him – age has surrendered to his conviction and there seems  be a no apparent slowing up.
Dr Malik over the last couple of years has been proactively delivering speeches after speeches in seminars, symposiums, meetings and gathering promoting the nationalist ideology and ensures true patriotic government to govern the country. He seems like a lone ranger with his army of compatriots & buddies who have been doing an inspirational work below the surface – which the community of politicians and media and the community at large have failed to fathom.
There remains a few names to mention; who have been the main savior of the  impetus of the movement against tyranny, against transit, against Indian aggression, against extra  judicial killing, against persecution of Zia family, against the thumping the media and press and against all sorts of heinous conspiracy with the country. These few pioneers along with Dr. Malik has been the vanguard of all protest mechanism and these few gentlemen have staged in access of 200 of these meeting and promote these meeting, finance these get to gather from their own pockets and media managements. Without any auspicious support from anyone.
These few people are namely, Major Farok Ahmed, Major Syed Siddique, Mr. Ahmed Azad and a few others who have shown me the true sense of conviction and patriotism. They have weathered all odds and faced all sorts of opposition and abuses and numerous attempts of cyber bullying and cyber attack on their web publication and other all kinds intimidation. Yet they persevered to excel to reach to their quest. Nothing could stop them.
Yesterday, I was overwhelmed with the invitation for Dr Malik to share the same stage, the courteous embracing of each other as if they are known to each other for ages and the mutual camaraderie, the exchanges of niceties has proven that Mr T. Rahman is the true standard bearer of the great leader of Bangladesh and he is the true descendant of countries greatest of all leaders to take up the role to carry the baton of his Zia’s vision, his aspirations, his dream of a first Bangladesh.
In the dire shortage of brains - technocrats and the prudent acumen of policy making crisis have reached all heights. The move of yesterday has yet again convinced me that, this new baton bearer is looking for change and is ready to break ranks of the monotonous trend of politics and bring upon long cherished changes.
There hinges a lot of hopes, aspirations, resolve and conviction. Nevertheless, I am delighted to see the spontaneous sense of courteousness and true sense of appreciations.  May this practice continue to make the whole business of politics a place of cohesion, co existence and cooperation.

Imran Chowdhury
Freelance writer & Political Analyst

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