31 August 2013

MY QUOTES - these are my views and are only mine; i stand by my own perspectives

No : 9
It is never possible to insert a piece of new ideology - or an episode into the relief map of history retrospectively. 

No: 8

Unhealthy rat race of materialistic gains in my country will explode into an explosive class war; which might turn into a civil struggle ..in the next decade

No: 7 

Social media connectivity will reach it's pinnacle ; which will engage all most all parts of the world's inhabitants &  will dilute- many social, political and religious faiths and beliefs 


Urbanisation is obscuring the panoramic view of the human eye to see the vast natural scenes .


No matter how hard one ( jealous) tries to malign reputation .... Social images are reversible but no one can malign someone's knowledge, acumen, sagacity & his charitable works.....

NO: 1
DATED 27/8/13

Though mind creates it's own smoke screen to obscure impending dangers but intuition warns the body

DATED: 28/8/13

Religion of islam and its aimless leadership will plunge it into a black hole of history; the diaspora will be paying a huge price 

NO: 3
DATED: 29/8/13

Politics of Bangladesh is fast turning into a social opium, to enslave the youngsters into a state of intoxication

NO: 4
DATED: 31/8/13

Professionally associated colleagues will always have the competitive edge in their private life of friendship even long after giving up the profession!!......

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