23 May 2013


Horrified to hear /see the news of this broad day light killing of this innocent soldier. How can someone do this all in the name some twisted ideology. A soldier does his job as he is asked to do.... But these kind of Twisted brainwashing in the name of some hidden agenda can not go on. We have to find the route of it all and uproot the seed and bury it deep into somewhere once for all. It's for the betterment for all .... These sort of heinous acts will erode the social cohesion and peaceful community dwelling will plunge into hatred, mistrust and confrontation.

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'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন ''

'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন '' এ প্রিল ১৯৭৯ রাঙামাটি রিজার্ভ বাজারের লন্চ ঘাটে গফুর হাজীর লঞ্চে উঠলাম : নিজাম ; লন্চ মাল...