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''For nearly 800 years, the City has made a major contribution to the nation, not only through its financial and business expertise, but also through its charitable work and the development of principles for ethical business behaviour through the Livery companies. These have subsequently been used by many business bodies worldwide to develop their own ethical standards. This long history of entrepreneurial and ethical business leadership will help the City meet the challenges it currently faces. "

The Freedom of the City of London is believed to have begun in 1237 and enabled recipients to carry out their trade; and today, people are nominated for, or apply for, the Freedom, because it offers them a link with the historic City of London. The Freedom is also offered to individuals by the City Corporation to help celebrate a significant achievement, or to pay tribute to their outstanding contribution to London life.

since 1237 the recipients of this awards are:

In addition to those below, all monarchs and many other members of the British Royal Family have been awarded the honour.
Peter Ackroyd (awarded on 15.12.2006) [1]
George Arthur
Robert Baden-Powell
Raymond Baxter (awarded in 1978)
Edward Berry
William Booth (awarded on 26.10.1906) [2] See also: Report on Salvation Army website
Louis Botha (awarded on 16.04.1907) [3]
James Brooke (awarded in 1847)
Arnold Brown (General of The Salvation Army)
George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham
Angela Burdett-Coutts (awarded on 18.07.1872) She was the first woman to be awarded the honorary Freedom.
Austen Chamberlain (awarded on 25.03.1926) [4]
Joseph Chamberlain (awarded on 13.02.1902) [5]
Jimmy Choo (awarded on 14.11.2006) [6]
Winston Churchill (awarded on 30.06.1943) [7]
Shaw Clifton (awarded on 13.09.2007) [8]
Sir Alexander Cockburn, 12th Baronet (awarded on 09.03.1876) [9]
Frederick Cook (awarded on 15.10.1909) [10]
Randall Davidson (awarded in 1928)
Benjamin Disraeli (awarded on 03.08.1878) [11]
Alexander Downer, Sr. (awarded in 1965)
Robin Dunster (awarded on 13.09.2007) [8]
Dwight D. Eisenhower (awarded on 12.06.1945) [12]
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Bill Gates
George, Duke of Cambridge, Prince (awarded on 04.11.1857)
Ron Goodwin
Ulysses S. Grant (awarded on 15.06.1877) [13]
Alan Greenspan (awarded on 12.2005)
Albert Grey, 4th Earl Grey (awarded on 23.01.1912) [14]
Paul Humphreys (awarded in 1996)
Marjorie Jackson-Nelson (awarded on 24.06.2005) [15]
Edward Jenner
Digby Jones
Salar Jung I
Herbert Kitchener, 1st Earl Kitchener (awarded on 04.11.1898) [16]
Helmut Kohl (awarded on 18.02.1998 'as the first European leader'). [17]
Lee Kuan Yew
Wilfrid Laurier (awarded on 16.04.1907) [3]
Lasse Lehtinen (awarded on 21.09.2007) [18]
Ferdinand de Lesseps
William Lidderdale (awarded in 1891)
Charles Lindbergh
David Lloyd George (awarded on 27.04.1917) [19]
Nelson Mandela (awarded 10.07.1996) See: Acceptance Speech
Francis Leopold McClintock (awarded in 05.1860)
Alfred Milner, 1st Viscount Milner (awarded on 23.07.1901) [20]
Ed Mirvish
Cormac Murphy-O'Connor
Robert Napier, 1st Baron Napier of Magdala
Jawaharlal Nehru
Florence Nightingale (awarded 16.08.1908) She was the second woman who was awarded honorary Freedom.
Otto von Habsburg (awarded on 11.07.2007) [21]
Luciano Pavarotti (awarded on 12.11.2005) [22]
Frederick Penny, 1st Viscount Marchwood
William Pitt the Elder (received the first honorary Freedom in 1757)
William Pitt the Younger
William Reid (VC)
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt (awarded on 31.05.1910) [23]
Salisbury, Robert Gascoyne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of (awarded on 03.08.1878) [11]
John Ross (Arctic explorer) (awarded in 03.1834)
James Saumarez, 1st Baron de Saumarez
Jan Smuts (awarded on 01.05.1917) [24]
Henry Morton Stanley (awarded on 13.01.1887)
Eric Sykes
Margaret Thatcher (awarded on 26.05.1989) See: Acceptance Speech
Robin Tilbrook (awarded on 27.09.2011) See: [1]
Bernard Weatherill
William Fenwick Williams
Woodrow Wilson (awarded on 28.12.1918) [25]
Bob Winter (awarded on 10.09.2007) [26]
Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley

I am going to attend the ceremony in September to receive the award ceremonially - please see a replica of the certificate.
it is just a token of recognition of all my social work, charitable and philanthropic activities - things which are very close to my heart - thought I will share this with you for others to follow suit and render their services for their society and the their country.

This is what the certificate of Freeman of city of London

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