15 May 2012

Long time ago when I was in school


When I was 16 year old September 1976 in chuadanga ; Bangladesh ; those were the days of playing, studious lifestyle, the inquisitive eyes, exploring the world around you and the innocence of adolescence's..... 
from that to this below



from this above to this below 


what a transformation and stages of life!!!!


life goes round so many bends and round about is some how very hard to predict and envisage & fathom the depth of the life's twists and turns.......

What a beautiful life it has been ; can not complain at all. 

the childhood memories 
the incidents of juvenile days
the essence of manhood and the maturity and the magnanimosity, the philanthropy,  the charity and the social works ; a thing to cherish and treasure.. 

wish I could continue with my ethos and aspirations to make this world a little better in my own little way...

the world needs  loads of good work 

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