8 April 2012

Lost in my THOUGHTS

Since Last few weeks I am a little confused after reading some news paper article about an associates of mine; his rag to riches stories and his alleged involvements in all sorts scandalous and unscrupulous affairs. Apparently,it seems he has gone from a poor man to a very rich( in the eyes of the paper) man... I remember clearly, 2005-2006 when he was unemployed and was in dire straits and when his world was confined within the four walls of his house - I have been very concerned about his well being and used to call him almost every other day. Inquired about his economics and well being and tried getting him some kind of employments with a friends business. That associated( would not make me small by allowing him calling him a friend). 

Since, 2006 a lot of snow melting water have rolled down the green valleys of Bangladesh... A  lot of wholesale changes have taken place. so has the man in question. He is now living in the UK from where I used to make calls to him and have been living in the UK for the last 20 years. His sun has risen from every corner of his compass. He has intentionally managed to forget his well wisher.. But how? why?  what I did was out of affection, fellow feeling and an act of camaraderie. Am not asking any return. But surprised to find his new life and his changes. Wondering how people changes the direction of their lives and how principles and other ethos of life are compromised to better one's economic and social health. How people turn their back and tend to forget help that they have received from some one in the hours of great scarcity. 

What is disturbing me so much is .. how was I so naive to fall for his poverty act? why was he pretending so much? and how could some one act so well, It is a Oscar winning act ; I can assure you.

The news paper report (even if half of the are true) paints a very vivid picture and he is someone who is positively entangled himself in this game of deceit, dishonesty, bribery, under hand dealing, money laundering you name it. I am ashamed and feeling disgraced to have associated with a human being of this low self esteem and how my innocence have been exploited by his acting.

Yesterday, A friend send me the latest corrigenda send by him to the newspaper in question who published his dossier.

Whilst, I was reading and my thoughts were swirling round his acting, the words that he used to utter to express his sorrows and his utter innocence... and how was he victimized but now it all seems reverberating in my mind. Wondering why ? 

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