18 February 2012


Late night ; around 01:35 on Friday / Saturday night .... Everyone gone home , the punters, the guests and all the staff . I am sitting in the corner most table all on my own , alone , all by myself in my own company. The room is lit with a lucid lighting to make the ambience a peaceful and tranquil one. The waves of light on the walls falling very tiredly as if the lights are fed up illuminating the room yet the remain in the darkness on dark. My thoughts are making a zigzag pattern of thoughts. Roaming in the mist of all possible dimension and direction. My duties my inherent obligations , my egos and my ethos.

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'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন ''

'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন '' এ প্রিল ১৯৭৯ রাঙামাটি রিজার্ভ বাজারের লন্চ ঘাটে গফুর হাজীর লঞ্চে উঠলাম : নিজাম ; লন্চ মাল...