25 February 2012

Elephants ; My Childhood Friend

When I was about 8 years old I used to live with my father in a remote place in sylhet called latu and there was a tea garden called kumarshil tea estate ; the tea estate's elephant used to walk past my fathers camp - the sentry of the camp used to stop the mahut of the elephant to give me ride every time it walked to the latu train station. dropping it big load of tea crates for onward transportation to the rest of the world. after offloading it's load. enroute to the tea garden I used to get my treat of a ride every few days. I used to sit on place where the mahut normally sit. In those days that was my biggest achievement - as if i was Tarzan... when I used come back to school used to boost about my rides on the elephant - its a beautiful ride , scary for a 8 year old but I used love it. Since than I love elephant - I can't buy enough of them.( in my house I have a collection of elephant - in almost every corner of the house).

Went back there when  I was 24 year old -  back to that tea estate- it took me almost one day to ride from sylhet to Kulaura to boro lekha to Dhaka dokkhin to latu but the elephant was not there;  I thought I will be able to get to see my friend but he was not there and the tea garden looked dilapidated run down and no beauty but when I was young the estate looked immaculately panesh and pristine and well manicured lawns white washed bungalows and nice and clean the estate roads.  where these beautiful picturesque little hillock with it's saddle and the valleys sitting in the shadow of the blue  khasi hills of Assam. I was disappointed but was happy to make that pilgrimage to see my old friend.

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