3 January 2012

2012 second picture - few thoughts

2012 came quietly sneaked in as if it did not want to disturb the dews fallen on the winter leaves did not want wake the tree up. Another year , another resolution, another new hope, aspiration and inspiration. 2011 went very fast - started with the Arab unrest and culminated in earth quake in down under.

Economical management of the worlds economy was the main protagonist of the years theatre and the leaders of the worlds were the prompters behind the drop scene and stage.

Another new year in our life : a lot of new episodes of real life plays will unfold one after another.

Will these new year bring in any change ? Wait to be seen.

Hopes and aspirations as are as High as ever and solemnly pray and hope this new year brings in a lot aspirational changes to them who need it the most.

The plight of the downtrodden are lessened and let us bring in hopes and well being to their hearts and mind and soul and body.

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