6 October 2011


I was about 26 years old and just entered into the life of business and civil profession and was coming across new thing and new machine.
I was not all literate in computing and hard ware and software; I was not that brainy to understand the mechanism at that time I knew one thing very clearly that, the new trend will be computers
Was undergoing a computer skills course in BANANI residential area -n the leafy part of Dhaka city in Bangladesh and where I was introduced to the PC and apple Macintosh DTP etc.

The mechanisms of the machines were completely different from the PC and since then always were fascinated with apple products and always admired them. Steve Jobs name and his existence in the company came much later and since I got the information about this gentleman, I always admired him for his passion, his farsightedness and his innovative mind.

The cartoons and Disney animation films created by Jobs and then his come back to Apple and Introducing the iPod and how it has changed the music and how it has wiped out the Sony’s walkman market and how compact the storage of music his become, how the DJ and musicians have minimised the carrying disk and records and cassettes etc. This was his brainchild.

It was amazing episode of apples comeback to see and watch, from nowhere it has come back and came back vengeance. Become the 2nd biggest company in the world and this was all due to his sheer marketing and innovation capability. Apple is now a consuers computer brand and brand loyalty and the versatility of iPod, iPod, and phone is unparallel to any other product.
Death is the ultimate truth and there is no other truth but death. No matter what religion one follows, what medicine he takes, how much money he has does not translate the increment of life's span by an inch or centimetre. You have no choice but to die. How sad can it be? You have so much yet you have nothing.

So deeply saddened to this kind a genius MrJob to go breaks my heart. World have benefited had he been alive for few more years. My thoughts are with his family and friends and relatives. He was a rare breed of sheer genius who has single handed shaped the way we listen to the music, how we operate our mobile phones and how we watch film and video. The compactness of his innovation is mind blowing and mesmerizingly surprising. The various function ability and multi tasking capability of these tint slim machines are magnificent.

This is the hallmark of Steve jobs engineering genius. I have been an admirer of him for a very long time and every time Apple came up with new item always reached for it; no matter how expensive it was. I find them easy to use and very use friendly and stylist and good looking. I am a connoisseurs of good things in life; the finer and panache things. His products immensely compliment my taste.

His untimely death today is irrepairable loss to the computing world and to the world as a whole. His innovations and his genius could have helped the mankind in many ways. He was a leader of men and knew how to motivate people to innovate.
When I came to know about his birth and his subsequent adoption; my heart went out for him and then recently I read an interview of his biological father and felt really remorse and sad. From all of those predicaments and hurdles he rose from the phenix of it all and shined liked a star.
The world will miss this visionary genius and a true enterpreanuer.
Rest in Eternal peace steve..

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