26 September 2011


So sad to see Mr. Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi's sudden demise. I grew up learning about him from my father who was an ardent royalist and cricket fan. He was the captain of India when my father was in his youth. He was one of the cricketing hero's of India who won test matches with England. I think he was one of the 1st Indian Cricket team captain to win a test match with England.

I have always been a great fan of him and still remember him and his wife modelling for VIMAL suits and clothing's in various Indian magazines in the early to late seventies. Cine blitz, Film fare and Shanonda. Modelling for GOLD CAFE coffee and many many more. It also rubbed onto me like my father and am a huge royalist and I am  a  fan of Mr. Pataudi. His way of talking, he panache style and his dress sense and his persona and his gentle manliness have had a huge  impact on me since my college days. Always admired his style and his extra ordinary life style. He Nawab of Pataudi and Head of 52 villages and who was loved and respected by all in his princely state. The family has a 400 years of feudal heritage , history and legacy.A true blue blooded gentleman par excellence. 

Very saddened to see this  great cricketing hero to go &  may god bless his soul, may rest be bestowed unto his soul. 

He will be greatly missed. My condolences for the family. I can understand how the whole cricketing fraternity will miss his presence. 

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