19 September 2011


The day went by so quickly;  I could not even get the hang of the day. An acute eye infection in both my eyes, itchy, watering and swollen making me very uneasy about doing any work on pc.

I think I will rest my eyes today and don't do any strenuous work for the eyes today. I have had very energetic bike ride last nite and legs are aching around the calf muscles and ankle. Need to do a bit of more cycling and wanted to go for a walk but the eyes are constantly watering as soon as the wind blows towards me.  so no jogging or walking today. 

Soon be at work around 6 - 12 a very long hour shift for me to supervise due to shortage of staff. Finding right kind of staff for the catering business is becoming next to impossible. 

Imran Chowdhury
19 Sept 2011

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