3 August 2011


It has been I think one of the hottest days of the year so far. I am so baffled with the life style of the few friends that I have recently met. How do they manage their life style? Sometimes I wonder.  Life in a box inside the suitcase is not something I can possibly do. I lead a very hectic life and life can be very tiring with the massive pressure of work, finance, kids, schooling, business and prospects and growth. But still manage the time to do some gardening, smell the scent of the dahlia and the jasmine, water the sunflower and sit somewhere cosy and nice and sip a lovely cup of cappuccino; read the daily news paper and a book. Chat with a friend on the phone and walk by the bank of the river lea. See the world; take the family for a week or 2 for a sightseeing and holiday abroad and enjoy the different weather and culture and learn about the history and background and culture/religious/customs and society.


But I could never do what others are doing; married to the business or job for good. No rest and never relaxes, all one do is think, dream, dwell in the business. Leave the kids and family at home and enjoy the life on your own travelling places and going to explore all possibilities of business avenues and ventures.

I was never like this and will never be, never would like to be, my life is my life and I cherish the way I lead my life. I guess I am far behind than that of them and I will perhaps remain the same in the future days to come.

My perceptions and my aspiration are mine. Mine alone. I don't want to be a very rich man but certainly would like to have a posh and rich life style. Seeing this weird life style; I am absolutely confused as to how they pass their time with their kids and wives. They have forgotten how to laugh. They have forgotten how to make a crowd lively, no jokes or no fun, very mundane and very boring, Always wearing the suit and the boot and look the part; one has to know when to switch off to casual dress and have a laugh and chill out. People forget that bit of life and becomes a machine to earn and earn and work and work and no life...............I could never do that. Hope I can remain the way I am for the forthcoming futures to come.

Imran Chowdhury / ইমরান চৌধুরী
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