17 August 2011


Aristotle said, ''Jealousy is both reasonable and belongs to reasonable men, while envy is base and belongs to the base, for the one makes himself get good things by jealousy, while the other does not allow his neighbour to have them through envy.''

Great man like  Aristotle and others had so much of time in their life to think about others and comment on so many aspects of human life is unbelievable. They  are all so shallow and so hollow inside out. they are only bothered is themselves. Once, a great student, think tank, tactician and strategists and leaders are slowly and gradually becoming cynical, reading glass wearers whose magnification of the glass only high lights the mathematics of multiplication of their wealth, good news of professional acceleration and cynicism. Thank the nature that  many are out of it all & still engages himself in spending valuable time in thinking about his society,nature,civilisation & above all History.

Life is all about giving and giving can be in many forms. You don't only keep taking; you ought to give back a lot to the society, country and the nature. The resources of flow of wealth has shrunk immensely, The social fabric is eroded, morality is at the brink of collapse and bankruptcy. The social school of thoughts are tired of spreading social cohesion, social civic responsibilities, stop the rat of race of accumulating wealth and name and fame is making every one so blind. No one has any time to do any tangible contribution towards to the wider society.

The poverty and lack of human amenities and the lack of education is entering into a epidemic state of affairs, the charitable senses of sensual human beings are getting blocked like an artery in the hearts. The population boom is going to snowball the whole country into a human zoo. the natural and climatic equilibrium will collapse any time. the fondest land might turn into a lawless  land of human jungle. Unless we do something and do it soon.

''For the nation's rise and fall every citizen has a responsibility'' an unknown author has said this & it is so true to the context is unbelievable.

When some one wants to unite the like minded privileged class of the society ; the Aristotle saying kicks into it and the impetus of initiative dies in its infancy.

One day 500 years down the line, our descendants will wonder and think '' they had a bunch of irresponsible ancestors.

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