14 August 2011



Just as I was thinking of forgetting the fact that, once upon a time I was in uniform and that was out of my choice and was a profession of my child hood dream; there were lots of faces kept flashing in mind. flicked through my home (STUDY ROOM) pc and found this picture of our time in BMA. Nasim, Mahbub and I. Mahbub reminds me of his classic hindi songs ''saia dil me ana re'' cham chama chom'' in his trade mark eye contact and dancing style. He was a joke and half...remember shahdat of 6th L/C never called him in his name but some slang ( which i can not possibly say in this blog). Raihan that was name then.

In 2 years of our times together; he could hardly become a real friend of any one. Then we became good friends and he used to make me laugh with his classic antics and hillarious style of telling jokes.

Nasim ; my great old friend, a fun box, mobile fun tank who could joke anything in this style; though elahi once wrote '', nasim's jokes are of captain standard'' which did not go well with me , joke is a joke and our problem is we become too gravity wala with the passage of time and smiles and laughter don't commensurate with the rank and status, the more they have progressed in the military career the less laugh they laugh ; what a joke.

The reasons of all these flashback is happening is because; Ongon ; my course mate colonel REZA's son is leaving my restaurant tomorrow after working for the last 8 week and I will miss him go. A good kid and is also suffering from the draught of laughter; i don't blame him. at this age of 23 he has some much on his plate, a widow mother, 2 sisters and his career and life..... I don't remember when all of these came upon me. I have had my father and mother to look after all of those family matters and he is fetching all these when he should be out and about and enjoying. Imagine what a couple of bullets can do to change your life and I am wondering why did I choose this profession where my action could endanger some one's life. Luckily I came out of it before any thing untoward could happen.

The departure of my friend reza's son is bringing a lot of reminiscence back in my minds eyes. wish him all the success in his life ; whatever he does.

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