6 June 2011


It was a hectic day. the car had to be repaired for no apparent problem. there was a oil mark under the car and had it checked - cost me a bomb. Unnecessary expenses which I could do without......its not only that, the related hassle with the repair makes me so angry. Cab to the garage; banking and finding a car park space is another issue we have to endure with. wish I had a driver. Lol.... like all my friends back home; someone yesterday asked me if I have a driver here or not.

heheheeeeeeeee just laughed. the cultures are different. It was a nice day not much of sun shine and the pollen count was moderate which is good for my allergies and eye itching.

The forthcoming Elvis night ; email went all wrong. instead of June 14th it was May 14th and a total of 1230 emails went out and some customer pointed it out; my fault, completely mine. I was the one who should have done the proof reading.

the Mayor of ware's office called today and want me to do catering for him. That was very nice.

Had a very long and late night; reading that book on Arab Nations - little did I know that it has gone past 05:00 hours in the morning. I am now so tired wish I could just lie down and go off to a very fulfilling sleep for at least few hours.

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