9 June 2011

SCOUTING; I think it is a great movement

It is such a pleasure to see your own son following something that I did when I was his age. I started scouting from 1972 and was a real enthusiast of the movement and took it very religiously. Continued doing till 1977 and was a the TROOP LEADER of my school scouting troop for 2 years. First taste of leadership and manage a team of 25 young man from the age of 8-17. Was fun. The scouting movement is my country was flourishing in my time don't know now. Most of my school life's best friends are all from my scouting troop and we still are friends. Scouting helped me in my Military Academy Training in BMA. Made so many friends. Attended 2 national Scouts Jamboree one in Mouchak in 1974 (i think) and the last one in Rangpur in 1976-77 was memories to cherish. Made a lot of friends from different parts of the country and many are still Friends after all this years. Habib from 7th BMA long course was one of my scouting friends from Khulna. Now, My son safwaan joined cubs and he is going for his camping expedience Friday. He is so excited and so am i. It will be a great experience for him to stay away from home alone in the fields and in a tent and spent times without a telly and watch other boys how they manage the life in the camp for the next 2 days. Went shopping for his gears and stuffs for his camping and it flooded my mind with my era of scouting; the thrill to go away from home for 3 days in the scout sub divisional level annual camping, then the district one and then divisional camping; the one week trip away with friends and cooking own food, setting up camp, the camp site development, the camp fire and various competition; My troop always used to win the SIGNALING COMPETITION; manik and sohidul, toton and halim and sutuk and me were the best signaling geniuses of our division always for 3 years.

Safwaan's new initiative of joining the cubs and to follow the fathers footstep is something that I am very proud off. He should continue to do the scouting and I am a true ambassador of the scouting movement; it teaches one so many things which remains as a good character traits for the rest of the life. It will help him make an wider circle of friends and allow him learn good social skills in terms of communications, Presentation and confidence.
Punctuality, sense of time, remain prepared, help at least one person a day and many many more. the knots, the skills of many many things can come very handy in future days and to make use of them pragmatically is something will give an edge from the rest of the peers.

I am often tempted to join back scouting and help with the scouting associations of either Ware or Northampton when I have some spare time.

long live scouting.

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