7 June 2011

a poem written by our friend ''alams ghani'' from abidjan in ivory coast on the eve of our 29th commissioning anniversary


Ho ho, we are stepping to Twenty Nine

Looks pretty good and sounds fine,

That day we shouted Salam sir, Salam sir

No matter to bricks, trees and seniors near or far…

These days, Tareq teaches gunnery to his son

Is it not amazing and full of bloody fun,

Saker often dangles around garrison

That is veracity and true simple equation……..

Over the years, our roots are deeply drenched

In sister services and overseas, we widely stretched,

Warm salute to our celestial heavenly stars

You are deep in our heart, and not at all far….

May, Almighty bless the course

From demon of deadly force,

Ho ho E i g h t L o n g C o u r s e….

Remain blossom like petals of white rose,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Ghani, jr, Cote d’Ivoire 062011

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