4 June 2011

my army days

Just a thought came in my mind today since morning. How about I write about my life in the Bangladesh Army. It will be story to tell and one day perhaps 100 years down the line someone will stumble across it in the net(hope the net has a shelve life of 100 years) and will know what was it like to be a commissioned officer in the Bangladesh Army and the life style, the idiosyncrasies,the teaching, the hypocrisy and false pomp and false sense of pride and real work and real sense of duty. The predicaments and the stigmas attached to it due to the various works of unworthy causes and Pride of being the pioneers of the freedom struggle.

The route to the pinnacle or doom. The esprit de' corpse and the camaraderie and the fellow feelings and the amalgamations of ideologies, various school of thoughts and the non street wise people; out of touch with the society outside living in a box with restricted line of sight and canal vision.

The visionary leaders with augmented ideas and true sense of leadership, affection, the passed on qualities and their depressions and enigma.

yes, I think I ought to write that; whatever very little that I have seen at the age of 21- 26 years old.

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