7 June 2011


I reorganised my business website in April 2011 and It went online in May 01, 2011. There are a few new things I have introduced in my web page.Am very surprised to see that, how the stream of audience looking at the site and new types inquiries and other business related questions pouring in from nowhere. This is something new for our industry. I am yet to figure out how best I could possibly make the best use of the new stream of queries and translate them into currency.

This new influx of visitors in my  website was not there 2 years ago; the Internet has taken over everything, the high street shops, the window displays, the signage,the merchandising is just a show case and show piece. The real power I guess is hinging on to the proactive presence in the Internet for sure.
Within the next 10 years the whole world and the human population will completely rely on the Internet and he who can run faster and reach their first will command the industry where is.

In my industry a lot of the businesses are yet to have a web site or they are too reluctant to make their presence felt in this super highway of information and they don't know the know how of the technology yet.

 How about make a portal or website manager company  and ask them to open site through my portal and get some people to manage and activate their businesses on behalf of them with a little service charge. I guess I need to ponder with the idea and do a bit of research on the subject and need to come up with some brilliant business plan and push the idea into a reality.

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