13 June 2011


This is the door to the restaurant from the garden and seeing those new green plants in the stair case and the door entrance reminded my of our house in Bangladesh, We had a very similar setting in Bangladesh where we had a house with white door frames and a iron stair to go up to the roof of the house; that house had one point all most all types of plants and tress (counted in 1984 ) there were 490 something type of plants trees,shrubs, climbers,fruit plants and orchard spread across the whole land. That was the house we used to love going to and spend a real quality time. Nothing was around the house all empty lands and the only road used to lead to our house. My mother used to love the house and she was the main gardener. that is where from I think I have started to like doing gardening and my garden in my restaurant is 100% pot plants and I have been doing this since I opened the business and it looks beautiful at night when sit down on my own and relax.
this year it will be blossoming full to the brim and the flowers and colours will make it look absolutely fabulous.

there are Jasmine, Cosmos,African Marry golds, and many many more and the bamboo groves reminds me of my country; the famous Bangladeshi Bamboo grove; which you see in almost every village houses and there was this poem on bamboo grove and the full moon and the village folk story telling sister.....

''বাশ বাগানের মাথার উপর চাদ উঠেছে ওই
মাগো আমার শোলক বলা কাজলা দিদি কৈ''

there you can see on the left hand side of the picture ''my bamboo trough''. I had since 2006 and these are my little favourite plants of extreme likings.

The trough was a nightmare to fix; Grant ; thank you for making it so hard and tough with those wheels and move them around.

you would be surprised to learn that, I suffer from the most severe form of HAY FEVER and yet I do all these gardening, Play the flute in the stereo loud and take the small pair of scissors to cut the dead flowers and get rid of the tired ones whilst listening to soothing FLUTE is really something out of this world , so therapeutic and so tranquil its hard to express in words........
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