5 June 2011


It's very scary these days to employ a new employee. Within the last 2 weeks I have had 2 incidents where I could see the new employees are taking chances with my softness and my ethos of work. When I served him notice to relinquish his position with proper notice period and then he requested me to keep him in his present job and he mentioned that there are scarcity of jobs in the market place. then I thought ok, let me guy work for few more months and he will pick up the work and gain experience meanwhile and will possibly make his postion viable for himself. but when happens; out of the blue he works till sunday and he wants to finish on monday ; without giving me any notice; 'cause he is been asked by some other employer to join them on Monday and he wanted to leave without giving me a week notice......how bizzare this world is. what do you say to this sort of workers? one rule for me and another rule for him. I think people should be made aware of importance of any job and the cultures and ethics of jobs in school or college or at home. I am totally confused and baffled. The another one is so annoying and so painful that I would not even want to exhaust my energy typing about him. Once upon a time I was also an employee and I did my job to the best of my ability and worked ny life off.

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