11 June 2011


10th Of June 1983 - I was commissioned in Bangladesh Army as a 2nd Lieutenant after 2 years of the most rigorous training in the BANGLADESH MILITARY ACADEMY. It was one of the most auspicious days of my life; when I fulfilled one of most coveted childhood dream. I started to dream to become a commissioned officer from the age 6-7 and at 23 I did fulfil that. My 2nd dream was to serve in THE EAST BENGAL REGIMENT; I wanted to join the 18th East Bengal Regiment; the regiment which was raised by my father. But nevertheless, I was commissioned in the 14th East Bengal Regiment; a regiment which is so close to my heart. I fell in love with the valour and heroism of the EAST BENGAL REGIMENT since i was 11 during the LIBERATION WAR. When I saw the officers and soldiers of 4th East Bengal Regiment came to my town where we were staying in March 27th, 1971 and how the morale of the town raised to the sky high. The Soldiers of the East Bengal Regiment made all of us feel so secure on the face of the most precarious of situation; though the feeling safe was short lived but the courage, the valour and the humility of the East Bengal Regiment soldiers in that short span of time left a huge foot mark in my life, since that day I always wanted to join East Bengal Regiment and during my BMA days I never opted for any other arms or corpse as my 2nd or third choice. All three choices were East Bengal Regiment.

The date 10th June shall remain as the milestone of my life for the rest of life. It has been 29 years since I was commissioned and yet it feels like that the episode of my joining the BMA and The Rigorous training and the ultimate coveted commissioning has just unfolded in front of eyes the other day It is so vivid and so alive in my memory.

I was young and I have had so many dreams and I was so entwined to be there in the uniform which is difficult express in writing.

I have made some fine friendship during my BMA days and many are still my best friends; the camaraderie, the fellow feelings, the comradeship and the spirit of the military friendship is undoubtedly one of the best in the world.

So many years have passed and so many things has happened in my life and so many changes of courses still cannot dampen my feelings for those who I call my friends, The fulfilment of my childhood dream; the inner joy of achieving the commission in to the Bangladesh Army; the job was for me to achieve my dream but not make a living out of it I guess. I knew I will not be serving there for the rest of my career. As I am a very bohemian kind of a guy who don't like to be tied down or anchored in the same harbour for the rest of the life; I have always been a fan of exploring the variety and to me variety is the essence of life.

Never took life seriously, never could become materialistic nor 100% career minded. Took life as it came to me. Life is a journey travel it well.

But, nonetheless; the 10th June remains as the most auspicious of days of life..............

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