22 May 2011

8th bma long course – an epic journey

Life is a journey; travel it well. Guess this was augmented by we all, that vision of life from an early age.

1980 – 1981 the youth finishing their HSC exam; some waiting to appear the exam were completely lost with the career prospect of the country.

One fine morning an advertisement appear in all the news paper and many found the ad like some kind of serendipity. It was the advertisement to join the most auspicious of profession in the context of our country in the early eighties,

The process of joining and crossing all the hurdles and obstacles to pass and ultimately joining the coveted Bangladesh military academy on the 7th day of the month of August 1981…………….the journey starts there…….what a journey it had been. A journey of life…..a journey many can only see in their dream, many can only see from the fringes but will never be able to feel the buzz of the inner feeling of the member of a 8th BMA long course.

The joining of the BMA and the precarious few days and the wondering eyes and seek solaces in unspoken words and an wave of affection and feeling for each other in silence slowly and gradually bonded into a cemented concrete of camaraderie, friendship of lifetime and above all the spirit de corps……….words cannot express these friendship of mountainous magnitude, the feelings for each other, the inner jealousy and the love - hate relation have made this group of youths to mature member of the society.

An epic tour to the pinnacles of friendship. Not a lot of people have good friends when we have a host of friends, who have the same interest, hobbies, ethos, perspective and aspiration of life.

Despite all the confusions and eroding social fabric and changing social order and changing courses of the rivers have never dampened the resolve of our unity; the perseverance to achieve the quest of becoming, remaining a good human being was the most glorious achievement 8th bma long course.

A course that have excelled and persevered themselves in all spheres of life. Irrespective of military or civil profession. The untiring bondage and the sheer positive peer pressure navigated all of them into the path of sagacity, prudent and frugal way of life.

The friendship has given the impetus and guidance to excel.

We are all reaching/nearing/crossing half a century of our age and these last 30 years of friendship in each other company is joy to have, an association to cherish and reminiscences of the last 30 years will remain in the hearts and minds of all 8th long course family.

The family has grown into a 8th long course society and the bondage must to fade away with the passage of time.

The profession we choose and what we opted for was by far the most premium one in the whole of the country and we have not only excelled in upholding the profession at the same time over a period of last 28 years we have passionately work in whole spectrum of nation building work in peace and in crisis and in natural calamities.

The passion and professional acumen have complimented each other and the synergy of these two attributes have proven that the officers of 8th long course are an asset of the country and the nation and to the world(by serving in world scene with the UN).


Our records, our resolve and our professional competence, judgement, thirst of acquiring crème’ de la crème of all professional achievement is the direct reflection of our resilience and outlook to excel in life.

8th long course is a joy to have, a group of gentlemen who knows how to enjoy life and attain the finest things for a finer life.

We stand alone in the crowd with our head held very high in the high alter of excellence.

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