18 March 2011


I am so saddened to see the suffering of the Japanese People. Japan for us (people from Bangladesh) is one of the finest and most modern countries of our region. That japan is brought to hilt and yet they have not a clue as to how they will be able to overcome the extent of the unfolding disaster. Is it going to be another Chernobyl? How far is this going to go. I have been trying to call a long lost friend Dulal (who once helped me immensely) but could not get any reply. Last time I knew he was in Tokyo and he had a few businesses. But, I don't know where he is. Is the radiation going to reach the city of Tokyo; a city of 35 mil people? How the people will be able to cope this creeping radiation? What is the best solution to overcome this, I am not sure. If there is any we are still dwelling in the dark; the public education and public perception is minimum and what if the same things happens here , I don't know if 3/4 of the population is aware of it as to how to deal with the radiation.
Knowing the humble people of Japan; I know this is one of the greatest nations in the world with a wealth of national heritage and history will come back from it strong like a Phoenix. Hope they don't have to bear another social stigma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and have to bear the brunt of the human suffering.
But ,If you ask me, i will be candid about it, the nuclear power generation and expediting the national well being and growth was all meant for the people and hence, the people of Japan had enjoyed the luxury of life full to the brim and these infra structural plants were meant for the betterment of the people. I can not blame the government and people of Japan must not jump their gun on blaming the government. Governments are helpless in this sort natural calamity and their detrimental and destroying aftermath.
Resilience and patience is essence of the time for all the Japanese people and they must not be feeling alone; the world is village now and the whole world will be coming in unison to declare their solidarity to the resolve of the Japanese people.
Long live Japan.

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