16 March 2011

BUSY A DAY...............no rest for the devil

Staff shortage and finding the right staff with a little bit knowledge in hospitality industry is hard. For the last year this has become a common phenomenon of me saying ''short of staff can not make it to your appointment''.

There are plenty of young kids who are looking for jobs but when you ask them to come and join, then you will see 80% don't want to turn up for an interview. It is imperative that, the UK hospitality industry captains think about it and do something about it. I am facing an acute shortage of staff to work in my Indian Restaurant.

got a phone call from a long lost friend....at 0800 hours when I was dead asleep. did not even wake up and spoke to him in my deepest of sleep; only he knows what all I have told him. Was a pleasure to hear from you after all this years. He also called my wife and she was completely taken aback and was totally disoriented with the call; could not remember who it was.

went plant shopping for summer bedding; summer is coming soon, though it is too cold for summer plants to survive, still plants and gardening is something I enjoy doing as long as I don't get cornered with my hey fever.

got some daffodils and some Hyacinth and a few other pot plants for outdoor garden at the restaurant and it really looks good when the plants blossom.

I will have to go and get some seeds too; to hedge around my bamboo bush. which make it look absolutely stunning during the hot months and little breeze waving through those petals and the bamboo sticks. the rattling noise, really beautiful to watch and hear.

Been training a staff All day since 12:00 till 15:00 and then from 18:00 onwards. have not had a minute to sit down and read the newspaper and catch up with the event unfolding in Japan, What a human catastrophes

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