26 February 2011

my thoughts ; the massacre on the 25th February

Two years on on the 25th February 2009 there was mass killing of 57 army commissioned officers in Bangladesh. the para military force the erstwhile BDR. ranks and file revolted and killed their officers and their wives and carried out a real massacre in their HQ and the revolt actually snow balled in other parts of the country.

But, I am still confused why did they kill all the officers? what was the cause of their anger towards their officers? what have the officers done to them that, the killing every officers have not solved the problem , has it. so why kill them? what was the cause? I have been asking myself for the last 2 years why was 8 of my friends killed in this way, what was their fault, what have they contributed in creating this massive revolt, massive upsurge and the mutiny.

These questions are kept on popping in my mind time and time again. many people gives many kind of perspective but somewhere along the line something tells me which does not add up. a shadow of big doubt remains looming on the horizon and I have not been able to eliminate the looming question since.

My doubts that are nagging me since are:

1. We Bengali people are not good with arms
2. We like disobeying the laws
3.We resort to violence to often too quickly
4. We have no respect for other human
5. We are very ruthless
6. We are very barbaric and like taking credit for our fondness and likings of barbarism
7. Our ancestors have failed to inculcate the finer human qualities in us.
8. The society has a wide class divide and the widening divisional disparity is expressed by means of violence and massacre
9. A massive magnitude of cultural and social and educational deprivation.
10. Ignorance and lack of passage of knowledge, information and backward thinking social superstition still in rampant practice
11. No real sense of law and obedience to the law have been taught to the masses
12. The tendency to dodge the law and manage law enforcing authorities and agencies is very worrying prospect
to be continued.....................

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