29 September 2010


Le Spice Merchant is ware’s finest Indian Restaurant & Wine Bar. The quest of le spice merchant is to offer the most authentic Indian Culinary Experience to its valued patrons.

Menu; an eclectic Indian with Goan (Indo Portuguese), North Indian, South Indian, Nepalese and Bengali delicacies.

The signature dishes of the restaurant are unique assets of this establishment; Where the brand ‘’ Le Spice Merchant’’ is significantly distinguished.

Imran Chowdhury and his team run this eatery with an immaculate military like precision hence; they have been retaining in excess of 85% customer satisfaction ratings and a 3 STAR from the local Environmental Health Authority for food hygiene and compliance of food safety regulation for both for the last 3 consecutive years.

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'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন ''

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