15 February 2010

Thought of the day 14/2/10

" Life is a circle. With the universe being infinite, all things will happen. Infinity can be thought of as a circle. This means everything that happens, from the smallest to the largest scale, has already happened and will happen again. With this in mind we know that everything we do, we will do again as an infinite loop. So we must ask ourselves is what we are doing something that we want to do again? Make the right choices in life and it will be a good choice forever."

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'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন ''

'' পাহাড়ে কয়েক টা দিন '' এ প্রিল ১৯৭৯ রাঙামাটি রিজার্ভ বাজারের লন্চ ঘাটে গফুর হাজীর লঞ্চে উঠলাম : নিজাম ; লন্চ মাল...