27 April 2009


When I look at the picture of me with sabreena and safwaan it reminds me of my times with my father.

It has been long time since. Last I saw him was in 1992 and then I moved to the UK though my mum came and stayed with us in the UK in 1999 but somehow dad could not come and make it and i could not see him one last time.

Finally, He left us on the 23rd march 2005 and i was not in a position to go and see him. Don't know why since this morning his memories came flooding in.

The affection, the love, the bondage, the hero in a dad and the role model remains for the rest of the life.

Sabreena and Safwaan's relation with me is very different than that of what relation I have had with my father. But, it would have been nice if I could take sabreena , safwaan , my father and I all of us together for a day out.

The could see my relation with my father and my father could see my relation with my kids. It would have nice but never to happen i guess!.

During the war of 1971 We have had to vacate our house and the house was looted and we lost all our belongings and family heirlooms and all our photographs of childhood hence,I don't have any picture of my childhood days with my fater or any.

Have a look at my picture with sabreena and safwaan taken recently.


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