8 December 2008

life has changed

dear blog

today was the eid- ul- azha, and it was one of those days where there was any fun. i remember my school and college days.

say prayer,eat a lot of shemai,kebab,somosa, and dalda soaked paratha and gorma gorom mangso bhuna.......

dress up in punjabi and pajama and take a rickshaw and go to all friends house, eat and eat and in the evenig 8-9 of us gather together and adda till early hours and as if there was no worries in life.

But, today was so differnrnt.

went to say my prayer with my safwaan to the mosque, it's such a joy to be with him. we talk a lot and he asks me the most intimate questions and asks me all types of silly things and we had a laugh.
then came home and all day the house was full with guests.

after a long time we have had some fun and fatema cooked some delicious dishes. sabreena helped her mum all day. she is becoming a sweet lady and daddy's girl.

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